Vascular access management

An integrated approach to vascular access care

Inserting and maintaining an IV can require a multitude of steps and products in an average 4-day hospital stay. They’re accessed by multiple clinicians across shifts and care settings to achieve different therapy goals. This complexity can lead to variations in practice, products and policies that can increase the risk of complications like infections and occlusions. And these complications impact everyone involved.

BD Vascular Access Management is an integrated program designed to help reduce the risk of IV-related complications. Built around clinical best practices, it utilizes evidence-based assessments, a broad portfolio of products and training and education programs to empower every caregiver on every shift, over the entire life of each line.

Up to 90% of hospital inpatients receive an IV. Up to 50% of these patients develop complications.

That's 100% too high.

Discover BD VAM program

BD Vascular Access Management is an integrated approach to total vascular access care where we work closely with you to help reduce the risk of IV complications over the life of each line in your facility.

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