Procedural solutions

Streamline your operation
The surgical environment accounts for up to 50% of a hospital's total operating budget,1 generates 42% of revenue2,3 and requires stringent compliance. In this high-cost, highly regulated environment, our operating room solutions help promote safe, efficient procedures in pre-procedural, sterile processing, and case pick, intra-procedural and post-procedural areas.

Surgical instruments

Our V. Mueller? and Snowden-Pencer? surgical instrumentation supports surgeons with laparoscopic instruments, open instruments, an instrument management system and sterilization solutions.

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Skin preparation

ChloraPrep? patient preoperative skin preparation helps reduce bacteria on the skin that can cause infection.

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Preprocedure hair removal

Our Surgical Clippers clip hair quickly and the ClipVac? system removes the hair as you clip, eliminating the need for extra clean-up.

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Anesthesia delivery

BD offers a full range of anesthesia products for regional anesthesia, peripheral block and postoperative pain management.

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