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BD Durasafe? CSE needle set

The BD Durasafe CSE needle set comes with a BD Whitacre pencil-point spinal needle and a variable extension adapter.

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BD Epilor? plastic LOR syringe

The BD Epilor plastic loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe features a double-ribbed stopper designed to prevent leakage during aspiration.

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BD glass LOR syringe

Our glass loss-of-resistance (LOR) syringe features a smoothly moving plunger designed to facilitate location of the epidural space.

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BD Perisafe ? modified Tuohy point epidural...

BD Perisafe modified Tuohy point epidural needles feature calibrated needle depth markings that assist needle placement without...

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BD PosiFlush?

Our BD PosiFlush brand includes a product line that supports vascular care and maintanence best practices.

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