Traditional laparoscopic Snowden-Pencer? instruments

Choose surgical tools that simplify surgery

Our traditional Snowden-Pencer? laparoscopic surgical instruments are just as innovative today as they were when Leonard Snowden introduced the very first tungsten carbide instrument insert to surgery in 1951.

Articulating forceps

These forceps feature an in-line handle and five atraumatic jaw patterns that let you "reach around the corner" or dissect around difficult anatomy.

Articulating retractors

Available in triangular, angled, hooked, circular and pretzel shapes, these retractors articulate in the abdominal space to retract organs and structures.

Traditional in-line and pistol-grip handle instruments

These easy-to-use surgery tools let you comfortably position your hands in different ways to help minimize hand fatigue and provide tactile feedback.

Traditional ring-handle instruments

These instruments offer a rotating or non-rotating shaft, and a variety of ratchet configurations with clamps, dissectors, needle holders and scissors.

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