Laparoscopic instruments

Get your hands on our laparoscopic surgery instruments

Our V. Mueller? laparoscopic instruments are available in single-piece and modular styles. Snowden-Pencer? laparoscopic instruments feature a variety of ergonomic and traditional handle types and jaw patterns. We also offer accessories for laparoscopic surgery and a full line of MicroLap instruments.

Snowden-Pencer<sup>?</sup> ergonomic laparoscopic instruments

Snowden-Pencer? ergonomic laparoscopic instruments

Our laparoscopic surgery instruments are ergonomically designed with surgeon-researched enhancements to make them comfortable and easy to use.

Traditional laparoscopic Snowden-Pencer<sup>?</sup> instruments

Traditional laparoscopic Snowden-Pencer? instruments

We offer a large selection of Snowden-Pencer traditional laparoscopic instruments, including articulating graspers and retractors.

V. Mueller<sup>?</sup> laparoscopic instruments

V. Mueller? laparoscopic instruments

This line includes various graspers, dissectors, scissors, needle holders and electrodes, in numerous handle, shaft and connection configurations.
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