Genesis? sterilization containers

Protect and organize your surgical instruments with the V. Mueller? brand Genesis? sterilization container system

Genesis? containers provide long-lasting protection and sterility maintenance for instrumentation. We offer a variety of sizes and accessories to organize instruments and promote fast set-up. Also a green alternative to sterilization wrap, Genesis containers provide a return on your investment.

Low temperature containers

Protect and organize your heat and moisture sensitive surgical instrumentation during low temperature hydrogen-peroxide sterilization.

Colored lids

Genesis container lids are available in a wide range of colors to help you identify sets and specialty-specific trays.

Durable protection

Genesis containers are made of hard-coated anodized aluminum and designed with large handles to encourage proper lifting.

Genesis containers: Instructional video

Learn how to set up, use and maintain Genesis sterilization containers.

Going from blue to green

Learn how Lexington Medical Center implemented a green initiative to achieve a return on investment when switching from sterilization wrap to Genesis? containers.

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