IMPRESS? instrument management system

Manage your instruments to help improve patient care

Our IMPRESS? offering helps you manage inventory, people and processes with various levels of functionality to meet your unique needs. The IMPRESS system also provides ongoing support through 24/7 phone assistance and a dedicated IMPRESS manager.

Enhanced patient safety

Enhanced sterile processing and distribution processes let you optimize patient care.

Reduced case delays

The system helps ensure the necessary instruments are ready on time, every time.

Increased staff productivity

The system provides insight on SPD processes to increase staff productivity.

Limited immediate-use steam sterilization (IUSS)

The system helps improve resource and instrument management to reduce the need for IUSS.

Controlled instrument spend

It streamlines repairs and identifies unused items continuously in short supply to help you manage inventory spend.

Industry compliance

Using the system, you can effectively track and document inventory and processes throughout instrument management.