BD Vacutainer? collection accessories

BD Vacutainer? collection accessories are designed for secure and safe blood and urine specimen sampling. This product offering includes direct access sampling and transfer devices.

BD Vacutainer<sup>®</sup> blood transfer device

BD Vacutainer? blood transfer device

The BD Vacutainer blood transfer device continues to offer safety without exception and quality without compromise for blood transfer.

BD Vacutainer<sup>®</sup> Luer-Lok<sup>?</sup> access device

BD Vacutainer? Luer-Lok? access device

The BD Vacutainer Luer-Lok access device provides fast, accurate and consistent results that can lead to improved patient outcomes.

BD Vacutainer<sup>®</sup> one-use holder

BD Vacutainer? one-use holder

The BD Vacutainer one-use holder is compatible with the entire BD Vacutainer? blood collection system.

BD Vacutainer<sup>?</sup> Stretch latex-free tourniquet

BD Vacutainer? Stretch latex-free tourniquet

The BD Vacutainer Stretch latex-free tourniquet is the ideal product for those looking to eliminate latex from their healthcare environment.

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