Medication and supply management technologies

Leverage technology to help improve medication management

BD Pyxis? technologies can help greatly improve medication and supply management in your hospital or across your facilities. By integrating and automating medication and supply processes, you could prevent medication errors, reduce inventory waste and enhance charge capture to improve safety while reducing costs.

BD Pyxis<sup>?</sup> medication technologies

BD Pyxis? medication technologies

BD Pyxis technologies help prevent medication errors, increase the predictability of medication availability and reduce inefficiencies in medication use.

BD Pyxis<sup>?</sup> supply technologies

BD Pyxis? supply technologies

BD Pyxis supply technologies provide a measurable ROI by helping improve charge capture, case costing, workflow efficiency, compliance and data analysis.

Browse all medication and supply management technologies products

Browse all medication and supply management technologies products

You can view all of our medication and supply management technologies products, and search by different selections and criteria.
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