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BD Kiestra? InoqulA+? sample processor

The automated solution to your sample processing challenges

When automating your laboratory, it is important to look for a solution that is able to automate your entire volume and workload.

The BD Kiestra? InoqulA+? sample processor automates the processing of both liquid and non-liquid samples.

Reduce operational costs

With the rolling bead technology, generate more isolated colonies than loop-based streaking1, eliminate manual variability and the need for subculture2, which may shorten pathogen identification and antimicrobial susceptibility testing.2, 3

Deliver accuracy

Provide consistency and reproducibility of high-quality results1, 3 with maximum efficiency through standardized and accurate inoculation and streaking.

Streamline workflow

Streamline microbiology laboratory operations with one workflow by processing both liquid and non-liquid samples. Enables skilled staff to do other higher skilled tasks by maximizing walkaway time.3

Increase productivity and capacity

Benefit from high throughput processing with the flexibility to expand for additional capacity and functionality via modular solutions.4,5

Rolling bead technology

Consistently achieve accurate inoculation results by producing three to five times more discrete colonies compared to traditional loop-based inoculation methods. 1,6

Biosafety cabinet

Enables the processing of liquid and non-liquid samples types on the BD Kiestra? InoqulA+? in a protected manner.

Slide and broth tube inoculation

including automatic broth and optional slide inoculation.

Conductive pipette technology

Precisely dispense accurate volume while also detecting clots and foam.

Positive dispense verification

Real-time dispense confirmation by verifying the sample passes from the pipette onto the agar surface.

Closed lid streaking

May limit aerosol contamination by streaking samples with the petri-dish lid closed.

Fully automated (FA) and Semi automated (SA) modes

The Fully Automated mode automates processing of liquid samples with a throughput of up to 220 plates per hour. The Semi Automated mode is for processing both liquid and non-liquid samples.

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