Peritoneal and pleural drainage

Drain fluid without draining time, costs and energy

Our drainage products help manage symptoms of pleural effusions and ascites using minimally invasive techniques. Whether for acute, diagnostic or chronic drainage, our continuum of drainage options help relieve symptoms and improve patients' lives.

About the BD<sup>®</sup> Curve Ascites Shunt

About the BD? Curve Ascites Shunt

Our peritoneovenous BD? Curve Ascites Shunt can help relieve ascites symptoms while enabling the body to retain nutrients.

About the PleurX<sup>?</sup> drainage system

About the PleurX? drainage system

The system features a tunneled catheter and easy-to-use vacuum bottles that help quickly and effectively drain effusions and ascitic fluid at home.

Thoracentesis and paracentesis

Thoracentesis and paracentesis

We offer two innovative catheter-over-the-needle drainage devices for thoracentesis and paracentesis—a standard and an advanced system.

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