Infusion system devices

Standardize infusion devices

Our infusion systems work independently and together to accurately deliver infusions while helping protect patients with the Guardrails? suite MX safety software. With large volume pump (LVP), syringe and PCA modalities on one platform, the systems help you streamline workflow and manage infusion data across all care areas.

Alaris<sup>?</sup> Auto-ID Module

Alaris? Auto-ID Module

The Alaris Auto-ID Module enables barcoding to input and confirm patient ID, clinician ID and medication data, potentially reducing programming errors.

Alaris<sup>?</sup> EtCO<sub>2</sub> Module

Alaris? EtCO2 Module

The Alaris EtCO2 module provides continuous respiratory monitoring in all patient care areas.

BD Alaris<sup>?</sup> PC Unit

BD Alaris? PC Unit

The BD Alaris? PC unit provides a modular platform you can build on to customize infusion delivery based on patient needs.

Alaris<sup>?</sup> PCA Module

Alaris? PCA Module

The Alaris PCA Module provides syringe-based PCA functionality for use on adults, pediatrics and neonates.

BD Alaris<sup>?</sup> Pump Module

BD Alaris? Pump Module

The BD Alaris? pump module continuously or intermittently delivers fluids, medications, blood or blood products for adult, pediatric or neonatal patients.

BD Intelliport<sup>?</sup> Medication Management System

BD Intelliport? Medication Management System

The BD Intelliport Medication Management System automatically identifies, measures and documents IV bolus injections at the point of administration in real time.

Alaris<sup>?</sup> Syringe Module

Alaris? Syringe Module

The Alaris? Syringe Module accurately delivers fluids, medication, blood or blood products to your patient.
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