StartClean patient cleansing program

Remind patients to start clean

The StartClean cleansing program enables you to remind patients to use the StartClean kit for cleansing. Provide the patient reminders by phone, email or text to help improve cleansing compliance. 

3-in-1 kit

The StartClean kit contains one bottle of 4% CHG cleanser and three single-use sponges. Healthcare providers also have access to the automated patient reminder system.

Order kit

Antiseptic cleanser

The antiseptic cleanser is 4% CHG, which is a water-soluble, broad-spectrum, fast-acting, persistent antimicrobial solution for patient cleansing.

Patient reminder system

Healthcare providers can schedule automated patient reminders. Patients will receive text, email or voicemail notification to use their antiseptic cleanser.

Create reminder

Patient education

Printable templates in 12 languages can help patients adhere to cleansing instructions by comfortably following instructions without a healthcare provider by their side.

Customize your template with the facility name, address and specific cleansing instructions.

Download English template

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