BD PhaSeal? system

    Protect healthcare workers from exposure to hazardous drugs with a closed system drug transfer device

    The BD PhaSeal? system is a closed system drug transfer device (CSTD) that has been demonstrated to prevent exposure to hazardous drugs, from drug preparation to IV administration.

    It is an airtight, leakproof system that utilizes a membrane-to-membrane technology. It mechanically prohibits the transfer of environmental contaminants into the system and the escape of drug or vapor concentrations outside the system, thereby minimizing individual and environmental exposure to drug vapor aerosols and spills. It also prevents microbial ingress within an ISO Class V environment with proper aseptic technique. The BD PhaSeal system is a pioneer in the CSTD space. With more than 25 peer-reviewed, published studies, it is the most studied and according to a recent U.S. survey, BD offers the most widely used CSTD portfolio in the US.

    How it works

    The BD PhaSeal system features components that work together to form dry, leakproof connections. It also features an airtight expansion chamber that reduces surface contamination and human uptake, while preventing microbial ingress, which may lead to a reduction in drug waste and cost savings. With a limited number of components and only one connection interface, the BD PhaSeal system dimensions are created to ISO standards to be compatible with all standard sizes of hazardous drug vials and IV connections and tubing.

    BD-2062 (3/17)

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