BD? HD Check system

Get results in less than 10 minutes with the first and only rapid hazardous drug* detection system

Detect surface contamination with the BD HD Check system, the first and only rapid test for hazardous drugs. The BD HD Check system tests for select hazardous drugs to help facilitate routine testing and promote compliance with USP <800> recommendations.


Current methods of contamination detection take weeks to deliver results but the BD HD Check system delivers in less than 10 minutes.*


The BD HD Check system uses proven lateral flow immunoassay technology to test for contamination on multiple surfaces.


The BD HD Check system currently tests for three commonly used hazardous drugs: cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin and methotrexate.

Convenient, handheld design

A handheld design makes the BD HD Check system easy to use and facilitates routine testing.

Easy to use

Easily detects hazardous drug contamination on multiple surfaces using proven lateral flow assay technology.

Track contamination levels over time

Logging results of frequent testing can track drug contamination trends over time.

Help validate safe handling compliance efforts

Standards and guidelines recommend routine testing for hazardous drug residue.1 The BD HD Check system makes testing more convenient.

Evaluate quality assurance

Monitor safe handling protocols, assess employee safe handling procedures, and routinely test decontamination methods.

Hazardous Drug Surface Contamination Assessment Program

BD has developed a unique three-step program that enables you to assess the potential for hazardous drug surface contamination in different areas of your healthcare facility. The program includes useful tools, like the BD HD Check system, to help implement a sustainable monitoring program.

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BD HD Check instructional video


*Tests for select hazardous drugs

  1. The United States Pharmacopeial Convention. USP 39–NF 34 Physical tests: <800> Hazardous drugs—handling in healthcare settings. Chapter to become official December 2019.
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