BD? Diabetes Care App

Helping your patients manage their diabetes care.

The BD? Diabetes Care App is designed to help empower a person with diabetes to feel more confident in their care plan and is intended to improve their adherence to best practices.

Available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

The BD Diabetes Care App

Consumer facing mobile app is on both iOS and Android.

Personalized to the person with diabetes' needs

The experience evolves as the patient progresses in their disease journey.

Actionable insights and data in content

Trends in user data are leveraged to engage the person in an AI conversation to identify the behaviors leading to those trends.

Providing both emotional and functional support

Experiences to help address complex care topics like better food choices, how to speak with loved ones and following injection best practices.

Scale efforts outside the four walls of the office

Adaptive learning means patients receive diabetes and lifestyle content for their individual emotional and functional needs.

Have more meaningful patient conversations

Expert content and health insights help patients be more informed, promoting a stronger dialogue with their providers.

Gain a more complete picture of patients’ health

Patients can capture and share data-driven health insights to help you discover patient numbers and discuss their habits.

Help patients make smart decisions about their diets

Partnership with CalorieKing? gives access to a food database with more than 80,000 entries.

Access to resources on best practices

Educational content with a goal of being as good as if the healthcare professional is sitting right next to the patient.

Ability to connect to other devices

Automatic upload of user data to give real-time trends and insights.

Medical disclaimer
The information contained in this application, or on websites linked from this application, is for education purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice from a doctor or health care providers. Consult a health care provider for advice about any course of treatment, medical condition, or prior to marking any changes to diet or exercise.

Privacy and terms
Read BD Diabetes Care App privacy notice, terms and conditions, and end user license agreement.

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