BD sealants are designed to meet the needs of clinicians in thoracic and aortic surgery.

    As many as 58% of lung surgery patients develop an air leak in the OR1, and more than 15% develop a persistent air leak after surgery lasting more than 7 days.2 Progel? Pleural Air Leak Sealant is the only sealant designed and indicated to treat air leaks during thoracic surgery.3

    In addition, Tridyne? Vascular Sealant offers surgeons a unique solution to control bleeding during aortic surgery when adjunctive measures are required.

    Progel? Pleural Air Leak Sealant

    Progel? Pleural Air Leak Sealant

    Clinically proven to seal air leaks and reduce length of stay by 1.9 days on average2

    Tridyne? Vascular Sealant

    Tridyne? Vascular Sealant

    Clinically proven to perform under pressure1

    1. Allen, Mark S. et al. Prospective Randomized Study Evaluating a Biodegradable Polymeric Sealant for Sealing Intraoperative Air Leaks That Occur During Pulmonary Resection. Annals of Thoracic Surgery 2004;77:1792-1801. BD. Data on file.
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