BD Intelliport? Medication Management System

Efficiently manage IV bolus injections

The BD Intelliport? Medication Management System incorporates automated barcode scanning, real-time flow sensing and wireless communication with a hospital electronic medical record (EMR) to automatically identify, measure and document IV bolus injections. This identification, measurement and documentation occurs at the point of administration in real time and as part of the clinician's natural workflow.

BD Intelliport injection site

The Injection Site automatically identifies the connected drug and concentration and measures the administered dose.

BD Intelliport sensor and base

The Sensor is a sterile disposable that measures the delivered dose. The Base is a reusable component containing electronics.

BD Intelliport tablet and gateway

The Tablet displays medication, dose and clinical alerts. The Gateway integrates with the EMR to enable auto-documentation.

BD Intelliport syringe labeler

The Syringe Labeler generates full-color syringe labels and specially barcoded syringe-tip labels read by the Injection Site.

Real-time technology

Designed to help manage the risk of inadvertent syringe swap errors by providing real-time medication identification.

Real-time dose measurement

Designed to help identify and manage the risk of possible accidental dose errors by providing real-time dose measurement.

Reduced manual documentation

Features auto-documentation into the patient EMR, reducing manual documentation efforts and easing charge capture.

Adaptability to existing clinical workflows

Automatically identifies, measures and documents IV bolus injections – all as part of the clinician’s natural workflow.

Integration with existing hospital information systems

Integrates with existing hospital information systems to provide auto-documentation into the patient’s EMR.