Leverage proven, award-winning needleless technology

About SmartSite

Our SmartSite needle-free valve and other SmartSite devices provide a wide variety of benefits in IV therapy including helping prevent infection. Free of needles, they reduce the risk of bloodborne needlestick injuries. They feature a smooth, swabbable surface that you can disinfect at every access point. Standard with administration, gravity, secondary and extension sets, our SmartSite technology is designed to enhance safety for both you and your patients.

SmartSite needle-free valve

The award-winning SmartSite needle-free IV valve promotes easy disinfection, reduces risk of hemolysis, accommodates various drugs and supports compliance. It also lowers risk of needlestick injury, addressing the estimated 600,000 to 1 million needlestick injuries that occur each year, potentially causing fatal infections.

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