BD Pyxis?

For complex challenges, choose enterprise-wide medication management

Manage medications and supplies

Inventory management

By enabling perpetual inventory management and easy access to supplies, our inventory management solutions help you reduce costs, streamline workflow and support compliance.

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Medication management

Our medication management solutions offer innovative dispensing, infusion and point-of-care technologies that simplify management, reduce costs and improve safety.

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Integrated platform

Our platform pulls data from our technologies into a central repository, integrating medical devices and HIT systems to improve medical safety.

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IV compounding workflow

Our solutions help standardize workflow in the central pharmacy IV room to reduce IV compounding errors and free time for pharmacy staff. They also help minimize waste.

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About BD Pyxis

Our BD Pyxis systems comprehensively provide medication and supply management throughout the hospital and IDN. By helping streamline workflow, improve financial performance and facilitate regulatory compliance, they can enhance medication safety and patient care.

Pyxis medication technologies

BD Pyxis Anesthesia ES system

The BD Pyxis Anesthesia ES system can help you increase medication safety while optimizing anesthesia workflow. It integrates patient and medication information with the workflow to let you you easily and quickly access meds. It also controls access to medication to help you comply with industry regulations. Integration further centralizes pharmacy tasks to simplify medication management across your enterprise.

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