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Create seamless visibility and insights across BD medication management solutions

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About BD HealthSight?

The BD HealthSight? platform for enterprise medication management is our unique combination of connective technologies, analytics and expert services that close gaps and create seamless visibility across BD medication management solutions, such as BD Pyxis? dispensing and BD Alaris? infusion solutions.

Safer, simpler, smarter medication management
Learn more about the BD HealthSight? platform:

BD HealthSight? solution overview video

Learn how the BD HealthSight? platform creates a seamless ecosystem between our suite of medication management products and your EMR to help improve efficiency, reduce waste and improve patient outcomes.

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BD HealthSight? analytics provide advanced analytics for Inventory Optimization and Comparative Benchmarks that enable hospitals to monitor performance and prioritize efforts to help drive process improvements.

BD HealthSight? Analytics - Inventory Optimization

Dynamic and predictive analytics that recommend PAR level modifications with projected outcomes if the changes are applied. Bi-directional interface with BD medication management technologies automates the PAR level changes, removing the need for manual updates.

BD HealthSight? Analytics - Benchmarks

Enable health systems to compare themselves to like facilities and provides recommendations for improvement. You can compare across facilities in your health system, or with other organizations, filtered by bed size, device footprint or hospital type.

Practice improvement

BD HealthSight? Practice Improvement services enable ongoing nursing and pharmacy staff education, technology adoption and medication management process optimization.

Services include:

BD HealthSight? Practice Improvement - Basecamp

Our Practice Improvement hub with access to tools, resources and services to improve outcomes.

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BD HealthSight? Practice Improvement - Learning Compass

Online learning management system with over 400 web-based courses, documents, training guides and videos.

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BD HealthSight? Practice Improvement – Certificate Programs

Feature instructor-led, hands-on workshops to improve employee skills and workflow processes.

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Workflow applications

BD HealthSight? workflow applications provide smart, practical technologies to streamline medication management and improve medication availability.

Capabilities include:

BD HealthSight? Viewer

A web-based portal with near real-time all-medication visibility to critical BD Alaris and BD Pyxis system alerts and patient IV compounding needs, in one view. It provides Pharmacy with prioritized visibility to key system and medication alerts, and provides both pharmacy and nursing with visibility to IV dose request status, including Track & Deliver, to avoid wasted time and effort.

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BD HealthSight? Data Manager*

Enables formulary standardization and centralized management. BD HealthSight Data Manager is a cloud-enabled interface to centrally manage all BD Pyxis ES, BD Pyxis IV Prep and BD Alaris formularies across a single facility or IDN, reducing manual effort and variability.

BD HealthSight? Track and Deliver

Provides real-time visibility of medication location status. By tracking patient-specific medication from the pharmacy door to its destination, BD HealthSight Track & Deliver closes the gap between pharmacy and nursing in the medication management process, providing the visibility needed to support pharmacy and nursing in delivering the best patient care.


Common infrastructure

BD HealthSight? common infrastructure supports your system with horizontal and vertical product interoperability, standardized infrastructure requirements, robust product security and remote installation and administration.

Capabilities include:

BD Common Technology Platform

For standardized infrastructure requirements. By standardizing requirements for OS, browser, database and cloud, BD medication management solutions are easier to implement and maintain.

BD Product Security

For an integrated, comprehensive security experience, covering development, implementation, monitoring and response, across all of BD technologies.

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BD knowledge portals

For centralized enterprise reporting across all dispensing and infusion medication use. BD knowledge portals improve medication availability, reduces diversion and supports patient safety efforts by providing consolidated medication visibility across an Integrated Delivery Network (IDN).

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BD Care Coordination Engine (CCE)

Integration for horizontal and vertical product interoperability. BD CCE lets you easily access and share actionable healthcare information across many technologies, supporting medication availability, diversion reduction and patient safety efforts.

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BD Remote Support Services

Provides cloud-based Customer Support technology that enables remote and proactive monitoring, patching and support. BD Remote Support Services reduce product downtime and security risks through proactive diagnostics.

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BD Automated Implementation

To streamline and simplify the deployment of new BD technologies in your environment. BD Automated Implementation automates many formerly manual tasks to remove variability and reduce effort and resources required.


* BD may or may not make this product available for commercial sale.

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