BD recognized among most politically transparent trendsetter companies in the U.S.

Oct 24, 2019

For the third consecutive year, BD is proud to be recognized with a perfect score on the CPA-Zicklin Index, an assessment of U.S. public companies’ disclosure and accountability practices with regard to engagement in political campaigns. This recognition is significant in the current environment where public demand for transparency continues to increase.

The level of disclosure that BD and other trendsetters have committed to is not yet common practice among all U.S. public companies. As a result, the general public does not have full visibility into how companies are conducting themselves and that can lead to misconceptions about the involvement of corporations in the political process.

BD proactively engages with organizations that are responsible for setting policy in a variety of forms, from guidelines set by professional societies to regulations implemented by government agencies to legislation enacted by elected officials. Our guidance document details our participation in the political process, including our advocacy-related activities, as well as our partnerships with trade and policy development organizations. Additionally, in areas where BD has deep expertise, we publish public policy position statements that guide our advocacy efforts worldwide and align with our company purpose of Advancing the world of health. BD’s constructive contributions to policy discussions help to advance sound public policy that promotes innovation and expands access to medical technology.

The CPA-Zicklin Index, developed by the Center for Political Accountability in conjunction with the Zicklin Center for Business Ethics Research at The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, annually ranks all companies in the S&P 500. The report uses 24 indicators to assess factors including a company’s process for making political contributions, level of management and board oversight and public policy considerations. Since its inception, the CPA-Zicklin Index has been influential in making political disclosures and accountability a best practice nationwide.

For more information on BD’s participation in the political process, visit our website.

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