BD external funding program

The content on this page is applicable to funding requests from U.S. organizations only.

BD is passionate about advancing the world of health. Our passion drives a strong commitment to promoting human health, improving the communities we serve, and funding educational and research initiatives.

On an annual basis, BD receives hundreds of requests from external requestors. Due to finite resources, not every qualified request will receive support.

For any questions you may have regarding BD’s External Funding Program, contact [email protected].

General funding criteria

BD never provides funding to influence the purchase, lease, recommendation, or prescription of BD products or solutions.

Requests should be submitted at least eight (8) weeks prior to program/initiative start date.

BD sales representatives, agents or distributors may not commit BD’s support for any funding. All requests are reviewed by committees that have the authority to approve or decline applications. BD should not be listed as a sponsor/supporter of any activity until an agreement or acknowledgment indicating approved support is executed.

BD does not provide funding to individuals.

This material is to be used as guidance only and is not all-inclusive. BD policies and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

Funding opportunities

BD accepts funding requests from qualified external organizations that align with our mission, values, therapeutic areas, and strategic objectives. BD participates in the following types of funding:

Charitable contributions

BD strategically partners with leading nonprofit organizations and foundations to invest in programs and initiatives that address unmet healthcare needs, improve healthcare access and strengthen the capacity of health systems to care for all patients, especially the most vulnerable.

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Educational grants

Educational grants are considered for training institutions or conference sponsors to support bona fide education programs dedicated to promoting objective scientific and educational activities and discourse. BD does not support educational grant requests from or benefiting individual healthcare professionals.

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Investigator sponsored studies

BD supports independent research to advance scientific and clinical knowledge related to our products, technologies, and therapies. Decisions to support ISS requests never take in to account the volume, nor value of actual or potential business generated by the requestor.

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Commercial sponsorships

BD supports commercial sponsorships for events involving healthcare professionals, healthcare organizations, patients, or the public. BD may pay for booths and exhibits at third-party conferences to promote or demonstrate its products, as well as corporate memberships to industry organizations.

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Requests for charitable product donations should be sent to BD Social Investing, [email protected].

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