Inclusion and Diversity

Implementing strategy while embracing differences

Our focus is on furthering Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) at BD to drive innovation, to better understand patient and customer needs, and to make BD the best possible place for all people to work. Creating a culture of individual belonging, building and engaging diverse teams and leveraging the unique ideas, backgrounds and experiences of our associates will deliver better outcomes for our global marketplace. At BD, furthering Inclusion and Diversity is not just the right thing to do—it is both a cultural priority and a strategic imperative. This year, we further demonstrated our commitment by creating and staffing a vice president role within our Inclusion and Diversity organization.

The I&D team works with our business, functional and regional leaders, Council, ARGs and Human Resources. Together, they plan, develop and direct strategies to more effectively recruit, develop and retain the Company’s diverse workforce.

The strategic pillars of our Inclusion and Diversity framework continue to include:

Intensify commitment—launching a Global Inclusion Council comprised of highly influential, next-generation leaders to facilitate action and drive change for their business, region or function

Build pipeline—launching a pilot development program to accelerate the readiness of diverse internal pipeline talent

Reshape workplace—completing a workplace fairness assessment of all talent processes and policies to refresh our offerings, starting with a launch of a global Flexible Workplace Policy

Create mindset—expanding our unconscious bias education to conscious inclusion education

Set goals and measure outcomes—analyzing results from our annual Voice of Associate (VoA) survey. This will inform the strategic actions we take to continuously improve our culture and better address the needs of all associates

For more details regarding our Inclusion and Diversity strategy and framework, please download and review our most recent Sustainability Report.

Global Inclusion Council

BD's Global Inclusion Council launched in 2018 and comprises of senior business leaders representing all of our businesses, regions and functions, and is chaired by CEO, Vince Forlenza. The Global Inclusion Council presents an exciting opportunity to advance Inclusion and Diversity at BD and continue to build a high performing culture that allows all associates to be themselves while contributing to – and sharing in – our success as an organization.

Associate resource groups (ARGs)

ARGs are company-recognized groups of associates with a specific purpose and charter that aligns with the overall company and Inclusion and Diversity strategy. These groups celebrate the differences that make us unique while contributing to and advancing the business.

At BD, ARGs help us advance our cultural priorities of becoming agile and results driven, customer centric and innovative, and inclusive and diverse. ARGs also create professional development opportunities for associates through peer mentoring, coaching, leadership and networking opportunities.

The following ARGs are active within BD today:

  • AABD (African-Americans at BD)
  • Asian ARG
  • HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Leadership and Advancement)
  • OPEN (Out and Proud Employee Network/ LGBTA)
  • Limitless (Disability-related ARG)
  • NEXT (Network for Employee-led Cross-Company Transformation)
  • NASSC (North America Shared Service Center)
  • VETS (Veteran Employee and Troop Support)
  • WIN (Women's Initiative Network)
  • Women in STEM


BD does not accept unsolicited resumes from agencies.

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