Memorial Hermann Healthcare System case study

Learn how BD helps automate the supply chain


Memorial Hermann has 11 hospitals in Houston, Texas.


Memorial Hermann was saddled with a cumbersome supply inventory system using different processes in each hospital, resulting in lost charges, loss of productivity and untracked supplies.


Point-of-use automation was applied to the surgical areas to improve cost and revenue, clinical workflow efficiency and supply chain effectiveness.


The hospital achieved:

  • $67 million in additional charge capture.
  • $13 million in additional net revenue, which includes the cost of the point-of-use OR supply automation, and results primarily from improved charge capture and inventory control.
  • Process standardization with improved accountability and transparency.
  • Significant operational environment improvements, with more control of supplies and fulfillment processes.
  • Improved clinician job satisfaction, especially among OR nurses who no longer need to reorder OR supplies and can spend more time on patient care.
  • Improved materials management satisfaction, due to the standardization of supplies and inventory controls.

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"The supply chain professionals, the executives here on campus and really everyone was pleased that we were able to get our inventory down and move toward a just-in-time process—reducing OR supply expenses, while better capturing OR charges."

Mary Oetken
Chief of Financial Reporting and Budgeting

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