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Changing the Safety Paradigm on IV Medication Use: Recognizing the Risk and Taking Action webcast

This webcast will address the multi-factorial risks associated with IV medications, along with the need for proven safety technologies, practice innovation, and educational strategies to enhance safety in all phases of the medication use process.

Published: March 17, 2017
Clinical Education

Clinical Decision Making for the Fundamental Principles of Vascular Access and its Impact webcast

Understanding the important aspects of the fundamental principles in vascular access can help us systematically approach clinical decisions.

Nadine Nakazawa, RN, BSN, VA-BC
Vascular Access Service Team Clinician, Stanford Health Care
Clinical Education

Clinical Evidence and Product Performance: Finding the Sweet Spot for Innovation and Improved Outcomes webcast

This session will explore the current challenges that exist in promoting mutually developed and clearly established goals among these partners and will propose a future approach that promotes the innovation and rapid sharing of information that must occur to meet tomorrow's challenges.

Ruth Carrico, PhD, MSN, APRN, FNP-C, FSHEA, CIC
Published: April 24, 2018
Clinical Education

Decreased Vascular Access Complications: The Positive Impact webcast

Peripheral intravenous catheters are the most frequently placed invasive device in hospitals today.

Michele Biscossi, ACNP-BC, MS, RN, CNL, VA-BC
Acute care nurse practitioner and clinical leader
Clinical Education

Decreasing the risk of drug diversion: a nursing viewpoint, a collaborative approach

Drug diversion is not a nursing problem. Drug diversion is not a pharmacy problem. Drug diversion is a systemic problem and the risks are better managed with a collaborative approach.

Kimberly New, JD, BSN, RN
Published: July 20, 2018
Clinical Education

Drug Diversion in Healthcare Facilities: a Law Enforcement Perspective webcast

Learn how to investigate drug diversion in an acute care facility from a law enforcement perspective.

John Burke
President, International Health Facility Diversion Association
Published: March 16, 2017
Clinical Education

Enterprise Medication Management: The Basics webcast

Learn what the pharmacy enterprise is, as well as the benefits and risks of implementing shared medication management services across the health system.

Gina Lohr, MPP
Senior Consultant, The Advisory Board
Published: October 25, 2017
Clinical Education

Enterprise Medication Strategy: Shared Services, Shared Objectives for the Front Line webcast

The webinar series will cover how to integrate pharmacy services across a multihospital health system to help improve financial and clinical performance.

Bonnie Levin, Pharm D, MBA
Assistant Vice President, Pharmacy Services, MedStar Health
Published: December 12, 2017
Clinical Education

Finding and Addressing the Gaps in the IV Medication Management Process webcast

This webcast will focus on the multiple risks associated with intravenous medications and the need to adopt proven technologies and best practices to optimize safety.

Michelle Mandrack, MSN, RN
Director of Consulting Services, Institute for Safe Medication Practices
Published: February 7, 2018
Clinical Education

Microbiology's role in Sepsis Core Measures webcast

This webinar explores the importance of blood cultures as they relate to the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and to healthcare’s efforts to reduce mortality from sepsis.

Donna Wolk, PhD,. D(ABMM)
System Director for Clinical and Molecular Microbiology at Geisinger Health System
Clinical Education

Opioid Crisis, Healthcare Systems and Drug Diversion: Legal Mandates and Patient Safety Imperatives webcast

Learn how diversion from health systems contributes to the opioid epidemic, and how to deal with regulatory agencies after a diversion event.

Chris Fortier, PharmD
Chief Pharmacy Officer, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA
Published: April 6, 2017
Medication Management

Peripheral IVs: Infection Risks, Evidence and Patient Satisfaction webcast

During this webcast we will learn how a large, urban community hospital developed an education bundle and an insertion bundle that allowed for longer dwell times with a goal to decrease bloodstream infections.

Published: January 20, 2018
Clinical Education

Planning for a Seamless Transition for Infusion Pump Integration with the EHR webcast

This continuing education (CE) activity will provide you with key information on how to prepare your organization for autoprogramming IV infusions and optimizing closed-loop technologies.

CE Credit

The role of the medication safety officer in addressing institutional drug diversion webcast

Learn how the role of the medication safety officer in addressing institutional drug diversion webcasto investigate drug diversion in an acute care facility from a law enforcement perspective.

Christina Michalek, BSc Pharm, RPh, FASHP
Medication Safety Specialist, Institute for Safe Medication Practices
Published: May 18, 2018
Clinical Education

Use of Automated Technology to Improve IV Room Operations and Reduce Medication Errors webcast

Join us for this educational session to learn more about improving IV compounding workflow and the need for adoption of proven technologies and best practices to optimize the safety and reliability of sterile compounding.

Ruth E. Cassidy, B.S. PharmD, FACHE
Senior Vice President of Clinical Support Services, Chief Pharmacy Officer, SBH Health System, Bronx, NY
Published: March 1, 2018
Clinical Education

Using Audits and EBM to Implement Change in PIV Products, Practice, Policy, and People

All too often, implementing change into the healthcare environment —even those which have been proven to improve outcomes—is met with seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

Russ Nassof, Esq.
Founder, RiskNomicsLLC

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